Necta Astro

Astro, a big heart and a small footprint

The Astro is the new hot & cold drinks machine by Necta ideally suited to medium or larger sized locations. With its curved front door and backlit photographic panels, Astro suits the most design conscious workplace – with the added advantage of a compact footprint. With a choice of six models and a cold drinks option, Astro offers a wide choice of drinks to suit every palate.

  • Modular and flexible configuration
  • Z3000 coffee brewer, Z2000 fresh brew unit and Necta mixers
  • Drink menu can be customized
  • Possibility to install a cooling unit for cold drinksEye catching door enhanced by back-lit photographic panels
  • 18 direct selections buttons or a numeric keypad
  • Cup station accepts up to 14cm high jugs
  • Cup sensor in the cup station
  • 16 bit electronics with 4 mb flash eprom
  • Data retrieval with EVA-DTS
  • Lock with programmable code
  • Smooth wipe-clean surfaces, snap-on systems

Necta Astro

Necta Astro SFB “THE BIG ONE”

The Big One is the new 360ml large cup hot drink machine manufactured by Necta.

It is the first of a new bread of vending machines, aimed at sites where customers have access to the high street. It allows businesses and workplaces to directly complete with the coffee-to-go retailers. Its unique design, advanced technology and functionality make it practical and easy to use. The funky giraffe branding also means it’s unlikely to be missed.

With a choice of two models, The Big One promised coffee house quality, with the high street experience and vending flexibility. The 300 12oz paper cup capacity makes it suitable for a variety of locations and it is available in three different configurations – two different fresh bean coffee versions and one with fresh brew tea.


LB 220

Perfect for small business. Utilising the full range of Lavazza capsules. It also has a powerful steam arm for preparing the smothest latte, cappuccino or creamy macchiato. Whatever your application, with Lavazza Blue you can be guaranteed a superb, cost effective coffee, any time, any place!


Ideal for Larger offices and Boardrooms. Stylish and efficient with a simple one-touch selection offering a choice of 7 incredible hot beverages including an intense espresso, a creamy cappuccino and a delicious smooth mokkaccino. Also features a hot water option.

Lavazza Espresso Point

The Lavazza Espresso Point Cappuccinatore is the perfect complement to the Dosatore. Both machines share identical Pininfarina design and dimensions. The look is stunningly elegant and modern, but completely functional at the same time.

The Cappuccinatore makes the job of frothing milk for authentic cappuccinos completely automatic. Simply position the milk pitcher (or the serving cup) on the dispensing tray with the Teflon-coated wand submerged in the cold milk, and press one of the pre-set timer buttons (small cap, large cap, or free dose). The milk will start heating and foaming up with a wonderful texture within seconds, and the machine will then stop automatically.

The addition of this unit to the Dosatore makes it possible to simultaneously steam milk and brew espresso, a feat normally accomplished with far more expensive and difficult to operate commercial espresso machines.

Vision Xtra

The Stylish Vision Xtra range of table top beverage systems offers the perfect  ‘front of house’ solution for restaurants, hotels, bars and offices. The two models available – Vision Xtra 300 & Vision Xtra 400 – provide  customers with a comprehensive  drinks choice of either 9 or 11 selections.

Outstanding build quality and proven reliability are inherent in Vision Xtra beverage systems and when combined with quality ingredients, good service and filtered water, they provide high quality drinks, satisfied customers and increased profits.

So select your favorite, push the button and enjoy the experience.

Base Cabinets

For sites where no counter top is available an optional base cabinet can be provided, perfect for providing storage space for ingredients. Base cabinets are available in two sizes to accommodate Vision machines with and without a condiment stand or payment module.


  • Vision is available as Carbon Neutral
  • Single button drink selection
  • Two models available offering comprehensive drinks choice either 9 or 11 hot instant selections
  • Optimised drink presentation though whipping time control
  • High speed dispense – black coffee in just 6 seconds
  • Choice of boiler elements


The Genesis is a tabletop coffee vending machine for quality coffees and hot drinks. Available in different coffee drink options – instant, single freshbrew (coffee only) double fresh brew (tea and coffee) or bean to cup drink.

With 12 button selections, LED screen, Brita filter and all vended in-cup from the machine, this is a highly versatile tabletop machine. The Genesis is available as either a cash or coinless vending machine. Free on loan* options available depending on exact customer requirements

Brio 3

The Brio 3, 8oz, is able to offer the selection, service and quality of the most sophisticated coffee machines in a remarkably compact unit. The Brio automatic version has a capacity of 250, 8oz cups. Simple to install, operate and service, Brio’s modern and discreet design helps it blend in perfectly with all surroundings. But that’s not all; Brio can be tailored to meet your operational, payment and aesthetic requirements. Brio 3 is available in espresso and fresh brew versions.

Cino XX

Quality guaranteed International coffee roasters such as Nestlé, Tehibo Jacobs and many others worldwide have achieved outstanding success with the CINO XS range making it the most successful machine in its class.

The CINO XX PB is the newest and the smallest model in this acclaimed range offering you the same guarantee of success and quality

Beverage Menu

  • Latte Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • MoccaCino
  • Black Coffee
  • Café Au Lait
  • Hot Chocolate


Voce is a truly versatile   hot beverage solutions for all locations, delivering an unrivaled choice of beverages from instant, fresh brew, roast & ground and bean to cup models, with the option to include chilled still and sparkling drinks.

The Future Today…

Voce’s modern design will enhance any location.The flat glass door provides the highest quality look and feel and with illuminated graphics panels is certain to enhance consumers to try the quality beverages on offer.

The Voce Range Includes:

  • A Large selection menu area with a choice of build-a-drink or numeric selection keypad
  • High impact, illuminates graphics display
  • easy to brand, quick change top and bottom graphics panels and slide in menus can be customised to suit your brand or location
  • fast vend times, the perfect solution for workplace, office and leisure locations
  • flexible cup drop unit available in 7oz, 9oz or 12oz sizes with up to 600 cup capacity
  • operator friendly, easy to clean, fill and service
  • Incorporates SureVend. An infra-red sensor detects that cup drop
  • Compliments the crane range of snack food and cold beverage equipment

Eco Friendly Carbon neutral option available.