Why Vend?

We receive enquiries from businesses every single day about our Vending Machine Service. People, business owners especially, are faced with challenges on a daily basis and a canteen crisis is usually the last thing that they need! Often a new Business Park is built, which is great for the economy of course, but rarely are there enough delicatessen and shops to cater for the thousands of workers and visitors that use all of those fancy new offices. With the growing number of communities in Ireland there is a constant need for new schools and social facilities. A vending machine is the perfect, quick solution to getting a facility fully equipped and open by the deadline. Along the lines of economic growth, there are multiple building sites that cannot facilitate an on-site canteen. Public buildings as well as public transport stations can be made more comfortable by installing a vending machine. As a business owner, do you ever find yourself in any of the following situations, asking yourself these very same questions?
  • How can I increase staff productivity?

    My Business is strategically placed in a fancy new Business Park but there are no shops nearby? My staff members need more time to get to a deli or supermarket – sometimes they queue for up to 30 minutes just to get served!

    This eats into their lunch-break time, which means they are less productive in the afternoons because they aren’t getting a “proper” break. Of course I’m concerned about their health too but how can I improve things?

  • How can I save on canteen space?

    My building owner is renovating the premises and may end my lease. I’ve just become established here and my business address is vital to my business concept. He said he can alter his layout plans to suit me but only if I surrender at least one room.

    If I manage that then I can stay on here. The only possibility is our modest canteen but that’s rather necessary for my office staff. If I had an alternative to the canteen then I could save my business.

  • Are there alternatives to a canteen?

    I’m losing our canteen lady! She just quit her job to return to Poland giving me one weeks notice …something about her mother needing her home.

    I know I can replace her but by the time I advertise, conduct interviews etc…it could take weeks! I need a solution and I need one NOW.

  • How can I offer my visitors “snacks” while they wait?

    I am a business owner and in order to maintain the required high security standard, I need to keep members of the public out of the office area. I have done this by implementing a new, state-of-the-art security system at the door from the reception area to the offices.

    The problem is, some of our visitors have a long waiting period and often get peckish, at least just a cup of tea. I can’t have them using our canteen anymore as it’s too risky. I can’t offer refreshments because it’s just too costly.

  • Do vending machines work in schools?

    I’m the principal of a secondary school and I am looking for a way to keep my students here on the premises during lunch hour. It’s getting too dangerous out there, too much traffic and the rest. I am responsible for the student’s welfare until school finishes at 3:45pm.

    Our canteen is only so big and well…we all know about budgeting from the department of Ed. Until we can expand I need a quick solution. Personally I don’t know why the children don’t bring a healthy, packed lunch…still, I’d like to be able to offer them hot food and healthy food  as well as just sandwiches.

  • How can I cut back on working hours?

    Some of my staff members are asking for reduced working times. I am currently trying to implement a system where everyone can take their lunch at the same time so that overall time-at-the-office can be reduced. Currently I have some employees working until 7pm because they cover for others during lunch break. This is also costing me more on wages due to overtime etc.

    I can’t let everyone lunch at the same time because my business needs the phones and reception manned at all times. The only alternative I can think of is to hire somebody for say, two hours a day to cover for us. That means training-in time, extra costs for me and so on. I need a system that would allow everyone to break at their own pace so that they can organise their workload properly.

What’s the answer to all of these questions? Simple… Vendalicious!